Most common construction mistakes which you should avoid

Below are some of the common construction mistakes identified by professionals at PACIFIC CENTURY PARTNERS made during the commercial building construction phase.

• Poor access to above ceiling components: When there is poor access, it leads to poor maintenance of the building systems. Valves, equipment, dampers and disconnect switches are normally located above the ceilings in locations that are not accessible to maintenance staff and building operations. When you resolve these issues it reduces the risk of injury to facility staff who try to reach components that are in difficult locations as well as improving maintenance of the building systems.
• Insufficient access to provided panels:The system components which are located above hard ceilings have to be accessed. When an access panel is insufficient in size, has not been provided, or is blocked by a cabinet or any other permanent object such as furniture or millwork, it should be resolved instantly.
• Duct insulation vapor barrier which is damaged:At Pacific Century Partnersyou will be advised that, during installation, there is a possibility of the vapor barrier surrounding the duct insulation being unsealed or damaged. With the openings in the water vapor barrier, it will allow warm air condensing on the cold ductwork. In the process, it will yield moisture which then damages duct insulation and other building materials that are below the duct.
• Insufficient space to allow the full thickness of duct insulation:When there are spaces between the components of the duct, and the adjacent piping, structure of the building, and any other duct components which are insufficient, then it will not be able to handle the required duct full length for insulation. When duct insulation is compressed, it contributes to poor energy performance as well as a possibility of damaging building materials which are below because of condensation which is caused by reduced R-value of the compressed insulation.