WordPress – Place Youtube Video

YouTube Video Plugin to show YouTube Videos from widgets. Admin can configure youtube video player properties like player size, color, autoplay etc.
WordPress – Place Youtube Video
Plugin Details:
Plugin name: YouTube Video Plugin
Author: Hardik
Author URI: http://hardik.me/
Version: 1.0.0
Tags: YouTube, Video Plugin, Widgets
Requires at least: 2.9
Tested up to: 3.0.x
Stable tag: 2.1
Plugin link: http://hardik.me/2013/01/18/1239/wordpress-place-youtube-video
Download link: YouTube Video Plugin Download

1. Download the zip folder named youtube-place-video.zip
2. Unzip the folder and put it in the plugins directory of your wordpress installation (wp-content/plugins).
3. Activate the plugin through the plugin window in the admin panel.
4. Go to widgets > Place Youtube Video enter Video URl place widget to widget area.

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